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Here are the HP Build it the Fastest winners:

Arizona State University 

Eli Chmouni  – Faculty Sponsor

  • Troy Gerloff
  • Habib Matar
  • Jeremy Morgan

Here are the Digital Design Dilemma winners:

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Bassam Matar - Faculty Coach

  • Kevin Grout
  • Chandler Redding
  • Sean Walker

Here are the Solar Scrimmage winners:

Mesa Community College

Bruce Carlton – Faculty Coach

  • Brandon Traylor
  • Daniel Bailey
  • Nguyen Dao 

Here are the Green Data Center Challenge winners:

Scottsdale Community College

Ron Monroig  – Faculty Sponsor

  • Cristobal Romero
  • Alba Lopez
  • Matthew O’Donnell

Here are the Green Video Competition winners:

University of Advancing Technology

Justin Gagen - Faculty Sponsor

  • Darien Marion
  • Ryan Moore
  • Dominique Laster

Here are the Android App winners:

Arizona State University

Eli Chmouni - Faculty Coach

  • Joslene Chmouni
  • Matthew Vehon 

Here are the Cisco Network Expert Security Battle winners:

Mesa Community College

Robert Samson – Faculty Sponsor

  • Jason Gates
  • Dana Gallagher
  • Nathan Pan


Here are the Java Blitz winners:

Arizona State University

  • Morgan Nesbit
  • Zachary Moore

Here are the Desktop Domination winners:

The University of Advancing Technology

Al Kelly – Faculty Sponsor

  • Andrew Denis
  • Eric Evans
  • Jason Olivas


Here are the Robot Race Obstacle Course winners:

Mesa Community College

Bruce Carlton – Faculty Sponsor

  • Lloyd Allen
  • Matthew Otte

The JDA Supply Chain Challenge was held on February 28th, 2015. The winning team was from:

The University of California San Diego

  • Amilcare Gentili 
  • Ryan Scheidt 
  • Marco Gentili 
  • Paolo Gentili 




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